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The CMDA Dental Residency Plus, or The [+] Program for short, is preparing a generation of dental disciples to go throughout the United States and the World providing high quality dental care to the poor in the name of Jesus.

Spiritual Health

Every year 45,000 people step through the doors of Christ Community's Health Centers. 97% of them want to talk about their spiritual health. A man once asked Jesus, "what must I do to be saved?"  When asked this same question, our patients often say, "Go to church, pay your tithe, do more good than harm."  In a city that seems culturally Christian, the majority of people have no idea about being a follower of Jesus Christ, no clue that it is by grace you have been saved through faith.  And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not the result of works, so that no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

What We're Doing

We long for our patients to know Jesus.  He is the only one who can rescue them from their sin and heal their brokenness.  We are raising up a spiritual health team to talk with patients, to listen to their stories, to share the love of Jesus, and to pray with them.  

As we talk with our patients, we want to do more than have a fifteen minute conversation with them.  We want to build relationships with them outside of the clinic, to disciple them in how to follow Jesus.

Our Patients Need You

Will you join us in sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone? In order to reach our 45,000 patients we need followers of Jesus Christ to help us.  Volunteer to work with our Spiritual Health Advisors at one of our clinics, meet people that you can begin to build a relationship with outside of the clinic.  Pray for our patients' salvation and healing.  Give generously so that their spiritual and health needs might be met by people who care for them - mind, body, and soul.  Advocate for our patients by staying informed about issues that directly affect them. 

To get involved, please fill out this information request.

Snapshots for the Clinic

(Stories from our Spiritual Health Advisors)

A 20 year old woman  - she has been past around from family to family in foster care, 14 in total.  She now finds herself pregnant and alone.  After talking with her for a while about her childhood, I asked if she had ever experienced love and if she thought God loved her.  Her only response to that question: tears and a shake of her head.

A 52 year old woman - for most of her life she had been a drug addict, but 14 years ago she surrendered her life to Jesus. She is now a woman in love with Jesus, and she still goes back to the same streets she had lived on as an addict, sharing Jesus with her friends who are living the same life she once did.

A 19 year old man - he claimed that the Bible couldn't be all true because Jesus must have fathered children.  His reasoning:  a 30 year old male + life = children.

A 25 year old mother - she struggles with extreme anger and tries to just stuff her anger in.  After talking for a while about her anger, I asked her what she thought the source of her anger could be.  She said she didn't know, but later shared that her Grandma's boyfriend had abused her since she was a young girl.

A 16 year old girl - she recently lost her brother when he was caught in the crossfire of a fight.  She felt that her brother was the only one who loved her and that she could trust.  She doesn't know her mother and has spent most of her life living with her aunt, friend, or whoever else will take her in for a while.